Hot Tub and Hooters

(August 1998)

This past Saturday evening several members of the Ramapo Wine Club’s executive committee met to enjoy some fine wines and gourmet fare. Hosts were our own eminent Professor Johnson hereafter known as Roger and his lovely wife Lori. The occasion was a send off for two of our members who will soon be leaving for a two year stint in London.

Like so many of our gatherings this one turned out a number of excellent wines as well as a number of unexpected surprises! We started with a bunch of newly released White Burgundy’s to serve with the appetizer course. They were: ‘96 Puligny Montrachet Domaine Jean Pascal, ‘96 Bourgogne Pierre Bitouzet, ‘96 Mersault Charmes Francois Mikulski and a ‘96 Corton Charlemagne by Donamine Marius Delarche. Of these the "CC" and the Pascal Montrachet showed best. The Mikulski Mersault also showed very well but was off putting for some with it’s crisp acidity. There were also a number of older reds present. I was told that a ‘70 Latour and ‘70 Lafite would also be at the tasting. Naturally, that did get my attention! However, upon inspecting the labels they were not exactly what I had anticipated! Actually, they turned out to be a ‘70 Smith Haut Lafitte and a ‘70 Latour Puymirand. Of these, the ‘70 Smith Haut Lafitte was actually quite good. A ‘74 Barola Granduca was also deemed by it’s bringer as a great wine. Although this may have been true in the past, this bottle was suffering serious oxidation and color delineation. A ‘75 Chateau Batailley was probably the best example of the older reds. It showed silky fruit to go along with a "gout de Terrior" component. The remainder of the reds included a ‘85 Santenay Burgundy from Le Roy, ‘95 Shiraz by Lengs & Cooter, ‘87 Reserve Cabernet by Mondavi and a ‘94 Gallo Barrelli Creek Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. There were also two dessert wines, a ‘96 Voss Botrytis Sauvignon Blanc and a ‘92 Dolce from Far Niente.

Shortly before the dessert wines were served and the party deteriorated, most of the group changed into there swimming attire and made it to the Hot-Tub. One un-named couple forgot to bring there swim suits. Undaunted, he striped down to his BVD’S while she took the plunge with just a t-shirt and panties <g>! Soon her t-shirt disappeared revealing a perky pair of bobbing Hooters! While this was unfolding, Professor Johnson asked if anyone would like to see his recent surgical scar from his Hernia operation (Big Mistake). Without any warning, Miss Perky Pair, pulled the professor’s suit down to not only reveal his recent scar but his bare buttocks as well. Not to mention Professor's Johnson's "Johnson" <VBG>! No folks, I’m not making this stuff up! As a finale, I was told that the Professor Mooned everyone from the top of the Sauna.